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Toshiba TCx 300 Point of Sale Systems

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Features :

Brand: Toshiba
Model: TCx 300
Color: Black

  • Compact footprint and distributed design
  • 80 PLUS Gold power supply
  • Dual video display capability
  • Solid State Device (SSD) option
  • Remote Management Agent
  • Tool-free access to key components
  • Sensor driver
  • Selectable and upgradeable Sure Ports
  • Front-to-back vents
  • Retail-hardened design
  • Open platform and broad operating system support

New advanced Toshiba TCx 300 Point of Sale Series brings smarter store solutions to small and midsized retailers who need a high-performing, energy-efficient point-of-sale system with a small footprint and at the lowest cost. Now offered with the powerful and rock-solid Toshiba 4690 Operating System, the Toshiba TCx 300 POS terminal delivers top levels of customer service for any size retailer, including support for the Toshiba TCxGravity Link for 4690 solution that drives new and innovative revenue opportunities.

The next generation technologies include the same chip set as on the flagship SurePOS 700 Series, an optional solid state drive, and with the addition of the i5 processor, take performance to a whole new level and provide powerful functions to facilitate an engaging and faster customer experience with a wide choice of devices, including mobile.

Superior graphics ensure multimedia applications respond at their best, such as videos and third-party promotions on customer-facing displays. Memory scalable up to 16 GB3 and replaceable SurePorts™ mean retailers can use existing assets and introduce new services and devices as needed. Embedded security features help protect against viruses and tampering.

  • TCx 300 Models 380, E80 include the Intel Core i5-4570TE vPro™ processor
  • Up to 25% more performance improvement to drive the most demanding applications
  • Energy-wise design
  • Virtually tool-free access to key components
  • Sensor driver allows proactive monitoring


Hard disk drive: 500 GB (upgrade option on E60, E6A, E70, E7A)

Hardware: Models 360, E60, 36A, E6A, 370, E70, 37A, E7A, 380, E80

PC USB ports: 2 USB 2.0 (back), 1 USB 3.0 (back), 1 (front)

RS-232 ports: 2

Cash drawer: 1

PS/2 keyboard/mouse: 1/1

RJ45 Ethernet: 10/100/1000

Video: 2 Display Port, 1 VGA standard, 2nd VGA optional

Dimensions (W×D×H): 9.6″ × 10.9″ × 3.5″ (245 mm × 277 mm × 90 mm)

Power consumption: 80 + Gold Efficient power supply

Intel Celeron G1820TE (360, 36A, E60, E6A)
Intel Core i3 4330TE (370, 37A, E70, E7A)
Intel Core i5-4570TE vPro™ (380)
Intel Core i5-4570TE vPro™ Preloaded with Windows Embedded OS (E80)

2 GB DDR3 (4 GB on E60, E6A, E70, E7A)
8GB on 380, E80
Expandable to 16 GB on all models

Operating systems supported:
Toshiba 4690 Version 6.5 Enhanced by 1Q2016
Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 (Preload option Exx)
Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 7* (64-bit Preload option Exx)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional* (64-bit Preload option Exx)
Drivers supported: UPOS 1.14.0 or higher (includes OPOS and JavaPOS)