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Restaurant POS System Software

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Features :

  • Inventory management
  • Credit card integration
  • Labor optimization
  • User friendly order management
  • Optimized for all-purpose host/hostess touch screen terminal
  • EMV compatibility
  • Accounting & invoicing
  • Purchase & sales
  • Create profiles of the customers easily
  • Customer management and loyalty programs
  • Customer sales history
  • Creating and managing your staff schedule
  • Product matrix, inventory tracking and purchase ordering

An advanced restaurant POS system software developed with various features and functions which can help you to manage your restaurant or café smoothly. A POS system and POS software are the heart of your restaurant. By installing our reliable restaurant POS system and software incorporate with advanced features which will make running your business more efficiently in Dubai. Also, you can tap into various new ways of increasing revenues. The POS system works to improve the overall efficiency of your restaurant.

Features of Installing Restaurant POS Software;

Inventory management

Inventory and labor management systems are two of the significant expenses for a restaurant. Our advanced POS system software can help you keeping track of your inventory. It works by subtracting from your numbers every time when you make a sale. You will get notified when running short on certain products. Our restaurant POS software allows you time to re-stock and prevent from going fully out-of-stock.

Credit card integration

The results of a study on consumer payment behavior reveal that 68% of people prefer credit cards, and merely 18% of people prefer cash. So, it’s best to have a POS system that can process credit cards. There are a lot of business opportunities while accepting credit cards, integrated into your restaurant POS software. If you are accepting payments through credit cards, you have to accept EMV (smart credit card system) which will protect your customer’s data. Owing to the POS system PCI compliance standards, our POS system software has features EMV ready and PCI complaint.

Labor optimization

A restaurant POS system software can record your sales and determine which days you made the most or the least business. It will further help you schedule your employees and prevent you from over or under staffing. Labor optimization is a must-have for a POS as it can help you save on your significant expense, labor.

Restaurant POS for rugged tablet

Mobile POS enables you to have more effective restaurant management. But, it’s risky to use delicate devices like iPads owing to the hustle and bustle of restaurants. So, you need to pick the POS system, which is compatible with rugged tablets. Such devices can handle the wear and tear from frequent handling and suit kitchen environment too.

All-purpose host/hostess touch screen terminal

You can have a POS system and software that gets optimized to have an all-purpose host/hostess touch screen terminal. You can place it right in front of your restaurant. It enables your employees to manage table reservations, and take to-go orders from the screen itself. We can offer you such terminals and software for your restaurant or cafes to host/hostess with all the features required.

Our POS system software offers the above advanced features for your restaurant business in Dubai. By ensuring these features, you can enhance the efficiency and professionalism of your restaurant. It will allow the optimal use of resources and increasing your sales and profits.