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POS Software for Your Salon

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Features :

  • Customer profiling and business flexibility
  • Automated responses
  • Avoidance of scheduling errors with productivity
  • Better control over your retail department
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Integrated card processing and barcode

Having a POS system and software for the Spa or Saloon business can help you unlock a range of mission-critical advantages and enable a better level of customer servicing in Dubai. Some of the benefits of Salon Software are as follows.

Integrated system

Accounting is the backbone of every business. Being able to track every penny you spend and get is the best way to generate the statistics and gauge the profit and loss of your business.
The POS software for your saloon can help you keep count every transaction. Besides, you can check the amount and number of receivables and payables and never go overdue. Also, you can classify the payments in cash, digital payments and card payments. This way, you can find a better strategy to up your overall Salon business in Dubai.
Besides, you have a one-point solution of features like salon accounting software and appointment book Saloon POS Software. It consists of your appointment list, invoice and cash register, client management along with inventory control, payroll and so on.

Customer profiling and business flexibility

One of the best things about the POS software for the salon is that it helps in compiling the customers’ data and making their profiles. Every customer that steps in and get a haircut or hair colour gets recorded in their profiles. The saved profiles can, therefore, be used later on the next time they visit the salon.
Profiling has helped by giving an edge to every business as the customers do not need to repeat their instructions. The retailers or salon proprietors can learn through the customers’ repeated behaviours and make necessary amendments to their strategies, policies and so on.
You can set up the services for as per the different time of length, setting up a time for the appointments with the help of Salon POS Software in Dubai.

Automated responses

Automation is the most significant leap the modern-day technology has given in the field of POS. It helps you track the check-ins and check-outs of every client. You can mark the attendance of your employees and even calculate the wages accordingly.
Moreover, with the client reports, you can get real-time data on a client and offer additional services for discounted rates for better client loyalty for cost-effectiveness.

Avoidance of scheduling errors with productivity

In a manual method of rota scheduling for your employees, a slight error can cause a major mistake. Having a huge number of employees makes it even more difficult for meticulous planning.
The salon industry is the busiest; it is purely labour-based and thus labour-intense. The wrong scheduling of the employees for the services could mean a lot in terms of customer satisfaction. A Saloon POS system and software can help you in the regular schedule with just a few clicks of the mouse. With the POS system, you can, therefore, save your valuable time in making the schedule of employees. Thus, it also increases your productivity.

Better control over your retail department

You can keep track of all the items in the inventory. You can set up the lower and upper levels for each product to get a reminder. Foreseeing a likely increase or decrease in the sales, you can amend the numbers at any time.
You can get the pop-ups of things that are running out in number or quantity. And print out the inventory reorder reports. You will get a summary of the number of each product each vendor has, and you can decide on purchasing. It also calculates the amounts for you.
This way, you can make sure that your business does not take a hit due to negligence or humanly error.

Better customer satisfaction

The Salon POS software helps you with storing clients’ information like address, birthdays, preferred employee they wish to get services from and referral. Besides, under every customer’s profile, you can find the whole history of services.
You can also keep track of the customers’ gift certificate like the balance amount. You can also set up a credit limit for each client. This leads to better customer satisfaction.
With the Saloon POS system, you can also set up an option for gift cards. You can distribute the gift cards to your existing customers and employees to try your services out for the first time and get complimentary service. You can have good subscription offers too.

Integrated card processing and barcode

The inbuilt option of processing credit cards is helpful for you in saving money by not paying for leased card terminals. Also, you can print your barcode labels with the POS system and software. It allows you to print barcode labels with various sizes. This helps you save on buying expensive bar code machines. These are many fruitful benefits of installing Saloon POS system and software for your business in Dubai, UAE.