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Jewellery Inventory POS Software

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Features :

  • Point of sale software
  • Accounting & invoicing
  • Purchase & sales
  • Completely customize system
  • Smarter way of managing the inventory
  • Create profiles of the customers easily
  • Accessibility and security
  • High level of security for your data
  • EMV compatibility
  • Creating customer loyalty programs
  • Employee management
  • Customer sales history
  • Inventory management with scanners or smartphones

A Jewellery inventory management POS software provides you many advanced features for jewellery store management system including invoicing, billing, scheduling, customer profiles, bar-coding, printing as well as accounting. Our POS management software helps your business gain a firm ground as it takes care of the main source of your jewellery business in Dubai.

The dynamism of the jewellery fashion makes it the most capricious in the market. The newer iterations in designs make the older ones drop out of fashion in no times. This volatility of the jewellery industry makes it difficult to manage the inventory.

The inventory is where all the goods are stored and from where they can be sorted in order or retrieved from. Being able to manage the stock is the trickiest part of the jewellery field; it is vast despite having fewer counts in every group.

Our POS software for jewellery shops has some of the pros that can help you simplify the jobs. Here are some of them as follows.

You get a smarter way of managing the inventory

The retail management software system for jewellery is the best way to keep track of all the items under individual groups. You can sort the list of items in a group and easily find the one you are looking.

This unique feature gives you the advantage in locating the right thing in the right amount of time. Besides, you get updates when a particular set of jewellery pieces are about to run out. You can then restore the inventory, accordingly.

You can separate the newer designs from the older ones

As stated above, the designs in the field of jewellery get outdated in a matter of days and weeks. The unsold jewellery can prove to be financially detrimental. The ability to virtually segregate jewellery POS software can help you to determine the right strategy to improve sales.

You can, therefore, give discounts on the unsold jewellery products, or put them out in the front shelves for timely sales.

You can create profiles of the customers

In the world of business, ‘A happy customer is a real patron.’, is an oft-quoted phrase. The modern method of profiling customers is useful in many ways. You keep track of every customer and every purchase they make under their profile. The profiling makes it easy for you to learn the customers’ purchase patterns, choices of design, pattern in seeking discounts, spending habits and so on.

With the ability to make profiles of every customer, you can make sure to present the right deal and right options for a customer. Doing this gives you a higher conversion rate and catapult your business to the newer heights.

Accessibility and security

One of the most significant advantages of digital technology and thus, the POS system is that you can access it remotely too. Even while you are on holiday and since you are in charge of managing the inventory. You can keep track of the updates and the changes you need to make from a distance with convenience. All you need is either a laptop, tablet or a mobile phone with good internet speed.

Data security is one of the most important things in the modern world. Our Jewelry Inventory POS Software provides a high level of security for your data.

Looking for an advanced inventory POS software for your jewellery shop in Dubai? Choosing a right software for your business is totally related to the size of your jewellery shop and your budget. Our jewellery inventory software can help you to control your entire inventory management and the sales. We offer customized and cloud based jewellery POS software for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers in Dubai, UAE.