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POS Machine Installation Dubai

Setting up a Point of Sale System for Your Business

Choosing the right Point of Sale (POS) system is an important task for a business in Dubai. With the appropriate POS, it becomes easier for a business to control costs and improve operational efficiencies. Inventory management and product performance too become easier and help in strategic decision making.

Focus to hardware in POS system is crucial

Usually, installing a Point of Sale software is easy. But you need to focus on the hardware too. Now a lot of people are using tablet or smart device based point of the same system so that they can operate easily. This tablet-based Point of Sale system is generally cloud-based and need reliable and continuous internet access to perform well. Often some hybrid systems are use a local server and save the collected data in cloud storage. This allows you to have access to back-office features that include online reporting from any device through any browser.

The ease of using a cloud-based hardware installation

Cloud based Point of Sale systems are easier to set up and maintain. You just have to connect your tablet or another smart device to the internet and download the POS App from Play store or Apple store or any other platform. Then you can open the App and log in or create an account with your credentials. It is important to connect the card reader with your device via USB cable or Bluetooth. Lastly, the receipt printer will be connected with the device using a cable or router or via Bluetooth. Some Point of Sale software may require a connection from certain specific routers. Also, hybrid POS software would require a computer connected to the system.

Barcode Reader Installation

Configuring the POS software

After hardware setup is completed, need to configure required software to ensure efficient POS performance. To do this, just log in your account and go to the settings menu of the App then adjust the configurations. In this module, it is easy to customize receipts with your business name, logo or address and other additional information like return policy or purchasing policy.

You can set up the various tax rates and decide whether you need the customer’s signature or skip it in these settings. If you have a restaurant, coffee shop or pub then it is possible to add a tipping option for the waiters or bartenders.

The software allows you to assign particular roles to your employees so that they can access the Point of Sale system as per their job profile and from their systems. This way, you can manage permission settings and allow specific permissions to the employees. Lastly, all third-party integrations needs to be set up in the point of sale software for holistic performance.

These are the ways of setting up the Point of Sale System for your Business house in Dubai, UAE and it gives you a lot of space to set up as per your specific requirements.